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How To Make Perfume and Start Your Own Perfume Body Oil Business 

for Fun or Profit

 I reveal to you all of my top marketing techniques, suppliers & blending techniques I've been using for running a successful perfume oil business for over 15 years.

You will learn how to:
*Set up Your Perfume Oil Business
*Mix Your Own Perfumes, Colognes and Eau de Toilettes

*Open Your Own Fragrance Blending Bar or Bath and Body Shop

*Create Your Own Signature Line of Products
November 20, 2017

If you have ever wanted to
    *Launch Your Own Perfume Line
    *Start a Body Oil Business
    *Start your own Bath & Body Company, or
    *Open Your Own Fragrance Bar

You have come to the right place!

My name is Daphne and I have been successfully selling perfume oils for over 15 years, selling everywhere from fairs and festivals, to women's shows and eventually my own shop and various carts in local malls.  I was the owner of a "scent bar" concept shop for over 8 years.  

Talk about being in a dream business, I loved every minute of it!  

When I originally started my custom perfume business I was skeptical at the money that could be made.   At that time blending and selling perfume oils was just something I did for fun. Even though I sold perfume oils in my jewelry store, I still just considered it a fun sideline business that made me a little extra money.  

When most people think of perfume oils, they conjure up images of street vendors hustling body oils on sidewalks and in beauty shops. A dollar here, a dollar there. They can't possibly be making any money, right?  A little pocket change maybe…but REAL MONEY? 

Well, I don't know how much money those street vendors are making…but I know I have come to appreciate the beauty…and RICHES..of oils! 

In the first month after opening my perfume oil business, I made over $9,000. I couldn't believe it and I only carried 75 different scents at the time.  Guess how much was profit?  You won't believe it if I just told you....so let me explain.


The profit potential of perfume oils is HUGE

A small vial of perfume oil can cost you as little as .75 cents, but its value to your customer can be as much as $10-$125!! Yes $125!!   The retail price at my shop was $8 per bottle for the smallest size of perfume oil and $40 for the largest.   Can you see the potential?

Even Famous Designers are Jumping On The Bandwagon

Have you noticed the surge in roll on perfumes being sold in boutiques and department stores over the last 2-3 years?  Initially there were only 3 popular brands.  You may be familiar with them.   They are usually only sold in exclusive boutiques like Fred Segal, Henri Bendel and Sephora -- Child, Kai and Clean.     Today, if you just take a quick browse through any department store or Sephora you'll see dozens more perfume oils and roll on perfumes being sold by major brands like Lavanila, Philosophy, Stella and more.

Selling Your Perfume Body Oils Can Take Many Forms

You can do like I did and open your own shop or a cart in a mall, sell out of your home, build your own web store, sell at arts fairs and festivals, do home parties.  All of these ways are featured in The Sweet Smell of Success Guide available below.

You can create your own line of perfume oils like the creators of "Child" and "Kai".  You can even start a bath and body shop or Open your own Fragrance Bar with the sources in this manual. 


Perfume Oils, Aromatherapy and Bath and Body are
A Magic Combination

Perfume oils, aromatherapy and custom bath and body products go hand and hand.  Your clients that love your perfume oils and essential oils will want their favorite scent in lotions, bath salts, shower gels, shampoo, and more.   Customers love to know that a product has been custom made for them.  And it becomes a show when you start to add the perfume oil right before their eyes and do your mixing and shaking.  Just add special packaging, a beautiful bag and nice tissue and a simple bottle of lotion becomes a luxury item that they can not wait to get home to use and show to family and friends.  This simple one time experience can keep your customers coming back for more and bring more people with them.  Group parties are not uncommon in custom bath and body shops as well as home parties, bridal showers, bachelorette parties and more.  Top quality wholesale sources of bulk lotions and gels and salts and more for you to custom scent is included in The Sweet Smell of Success Guide available below.

I Give You My Personal Rolodex of over 100 Suppliers         

It took me several years before starting my business to find many of the suppliers in this guide. You'll notice that when doing a search on the internet for wholesale oils you'll come up with HUNDREDS of wholesale fragrance oil and wholesale perfume oil suppliers.      It can be so overwhelming! Let alone how much time and money it can take to find and sample the best oils and reputable sources for the quality oils you want to sell.  

And believe me, some of your best customers will be people who may have been buying oils for years.  They know the difference!   And if they know you've got the "good stuff" they'll be back time and again!

Of all of these HUNDREDS of wholesale suppliers,
 only a select few have the quality oils that will make your business a success.   And you'll find them in this guide.

Beware of wholesale companies selling cheap or diluted fragrance oils.  Or body oils with cool sounding names to mask cheap chemical smelling oils.  There is one wholesale company on the web with 4 websites selling cheap, low-grade fragrance oils under different company names.  This site is easy to find when doing various searches related to wholesale fragrance oils.  You can order from this company 4 times before realizing you have wasted your hard-earned money on samples of oils you can do nothing with!   

I ordered from one popular company online (they advertise in a national wholesale magazine) and it took me over 1 month to get my order! and the oils were not worth waiting on.  I never used them….I ended up throwing away over 12 pounds of perfume oil!   

Even some of the bigger manufacturers will send you oils of lesser grades if you do not know what to ask for or look for.    Making "excellent", "high-end" quality perfume oils for the best-of-the-best clientele takes a special grade of oil. 

You don't need to worry about this when you have my package.  Only the very best wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers are listed. You will get proven companies with great track records…excellent customer service, fast turn-around times, quality products and great selection.  These are companies that I have personally done business with for anywhere from 3 to 12 years.  And my customers have told me time and again that I have the BEST oils ON THE MARKET!!

The Secrets of Success…
Secret #1:  Superior oils

People who are successful in this business keep their sources a secret because they know that their sources of excellent quality oils and ingredients is what makes them successful.  That's proprietary INFORMATION and they will NOT tell you!!

Ironically,  I was one of these people.   Most likely when you start your business you will be the same way!  

You may be wondering why am I giving these sources away.  Well I have started specializing in certain types of oils.   It's such a specialty market, I'm not really worried about competition.  Therefore, I have no problem sharing the sources that helped make my business successful.   Everyone will have their own spin on their business.  You're unique, so your business will be unique.   


Secret #2:  Range of quality oils

With a large selection of superior-grade oils at your disposal your blending creativity will be unlimited.    

I find that the continued success of my perfume oil business relied on having a larger selection of perfume body oils than any other fragrance business in my area.   With these sources you will have access to 1000's of superior quality perfume and fragrance oils.  Not only that…with such a huge selection of perfume oils at your disposal you will be able to create unique blends like no one else has!  This too will make your products sought after. 

The art of blending your own oils can be learned, but takes practice.  I will show you a quick and easy way to get started making your own perfumes in this guide.

You will be surprised to find that I have customers that have flown into town just to buy my perfume oils, oils that they can get no where else.  I have customers that have driven over 150 miles just to buy a particular blend that I have created.  And even though I tell them that they can order by phone, they loved to come and just smell all of the fragrances.   

This can happen to you too.   This is a fun and rewarding business that allows you to express your creativity and meet lots of people.  YOU determine how far you want to take it, your income is truly unlimited and only based on your desire and degree of commitment.


I hope you take these "trade secret" tips and resources and build a wonderful business for yourself. 


In this guide you'll discover...

The top 10 most profitable business models for selling your perfume oils such as home parties, fragrance bar, festivals, carts in malls and more.

The top U.S. fragrance oil manufacturers and distributors of superior quality perfume and fragrance oils and wholesale designer perfume oils.  Buy by the ounce, pound or gallon.

The best wholesale aromatherapy sources of 100% pure aromatherapeutic grade essential oils.

The top source for raw materials to make your own perfumes from scratch.

The best sources for wholesale bottles, packaging, gift bags and more.  Low minimums.

The BEST marketing strategies for your scent business.  Boost your perfume business income an additional $1500-$10,000/month with these marketing tactics.   I have outlined for you 24 of the best marketing strategies to grow your business from here to beyond.   Many are free.  A few may require an investment of anywhere from $100 to $500 but can generate you amazing returns!

Don't get started without knowing these amazing strategies for giving your perfume oil business that BOOST to make it stand out from all the rest!   

Special section: "The Art of  Blending and Making Perfumes - How To Make Perfume".  Blending and making perfumes for yourself and clients can be fun.   Create personalized bespoke fragrances for brides, at home parties, by special appointment or offer it as an additional service in your shop or spa.  This special section will teach you those elusive tricks of how to blend a great perfume.

Discover the top U.S. and Canadian sources of custom-scenting bases for creating your own products:  Unscented lotions, bubble baths, bath gels, bath salts, foaming bath grains, bath bombs, massage oils, body butters, face creams, masks and more.  Buy by the gallon or pound.

Top sources of  ingredients for creating your own products:  Sweet almond oil, black seed oil, meadowfoam seed oil, neem oil, shea butter, mango butter, vitamins, sunscreens, sea salts, clays and more.

Top sources for wholesale supplies for making your own custom soaps and candles and incense.

Wholesale sources of add-on products such as aroma lamps, handmade soaps, aromatherapy and skin care books, robes, candles and more.

All in all you will get:

§ Over 100 U.S. distributors, wholesalers and manufacturers, with complete website addresses, mailing addresses and phone numbers.   

§ Email addresses and wholesale web sites of every supplier listed.  Most of these websites do not even come up if you were to do a search for body care supplies, wholesale perfume oils, fragrances, etc.  The "point & click" feature makes it easy to email a wholesaler or visit their web site. (Internet access and browser required.)

§ Detailed descriptions of  the products each distributor offers (be it perfume oils, concentrates, aroma chemicals,  fragrance oils, essential oils, lotion bases, shea butter, incense, soaps, sweet almond oil, bottles).

§ Top Companies -- My pick of the very best wholesalers in each category.  These are the companies you should contact first. They offer an impressive selection of items, great discounts & reliable service. This top pick list alone is worth the price of the package! 

$100,000 Franchise Fee!

Before I tell you the price of this package, let me tell you that there is a successful bath and body franchise that uses sources in this book.  This franchise starts at $100,000.  You do not need to pay a franchise fee to anyone when you have the sources in this package.  All you need is the desire to succeed.  (I give you the name of this company in the manual.)


I have been selling this guide for over 10 years.  I receive emails every month from new proud business owners  that have started their own fragrance and bath and body businesses, selling at flea markets, festivals, arts and craft shows and many have opened their own shops.    And believe it or not, I now get just as much joy from helping them succeed as I did when I ran my shop!



Read below just a few testimonials for The Sweet Smell of Success Guide:




FREE Gift #1:  Custom Cosmetic Sources.  
Cosmetics is a $2 billion a year industry. Get your share. 
Mineral cosmetics are all the rage today and there is no end in sight for the increasing demand.  These natural-based cosmetics are made solely with oxides and natural pigments, no fillers.  A little goes a long way.  You can custom make these for your customers with the sources I will give you in this free bonus gift. Purchase pigments by the ounce…no need to purchase large quantities.   I will also give you sources for cosmetic containers and brushes.  With these natural pigments and oxides you can make your own lipsticks, blushes, foundations and eyeshadows.  Create your own cosmetic line, do makeovers, do custom blended makeup for your customers or just learn to create your own makeup inexpensively..
FREE Gift #2   "TWITTER Marketing Power -- Use the Power of Twitter for Marketing, Branding and Advertising Campaigns

Twitter is a Retailers BEST FRIEND!  In this 5 Part Course (that I will release to you all at once) you will learn how to harness the amazing power of Twitter to grow your perfume or bath and body business.  I will teach you how to build a large network of targeted friends and followers.   I will introduce you to a variety of tools to make your  Twitter page more interactive and successful.  And will teach you simple techniques you can use to convert your followers into lifelong paying CUSTOMERS!   You'll also learn some all too common Twitter mistakes that most Twitter users make when they are using it to promote their business.    

Ask any questions you want regarding the business.  This package was meant to be thorough…however it still may not answer all of the questions you have about going into a new business venture or making perfume. That is why I have included 2 free weeks of email consultation with this package. You will get my personal email address.  Ask as many questions as you want.  It will be like having your own personal mentor to show you the way.  



This guide is loaded with proven strategies, tips, and years of        experience that you won't find anywhere else!   I've written this book to be the ULTIMATE RESOURCE for you as you grow your business.  You don't have to re-invent the wheel and go through the same learning curve I did to figure out what really works and who the best suppliers are.  I've already done it for you.   


You can access the downloadable version of "The Sweet Smell of Success" for only $47 - about the same price you'd pay for one night out with your friends.  And 1/10th of the price you would pay for a class or workshop teaching you how to make perfumes or start a business.

I think you'll be inspired by this guide - and when you begin using the strategies to sell your oils, you'll find it's the best $47 you've invested in yourself this year.


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