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The Sweet Smell of Success by Daphne Moss    how to make perfume guide
The first digital book on starting a bath, body and perfume business.  It is also the first book that many have purchased to get them started in the world of fragrance.  Dozens of sources for perfume making oils and essences and ideas for selling your creations.  Although this book focuses mostly on selling perfume oils and custom blended bath and body products, I have had great feedback from novice perfumers that this guide was just what they needed to get solid, honest information on the best suppliers in the industry.

Book:  Essence and Alchemy by Mandy Aftel
An engaging book on the history of perfume and beginning techniques of blending natural essences.    essenceandalchemy make perfume
Mandy Aftel has a wonderful way with words, a way that sends your mind off on flights of fancy.  The way she writes it is though blending perfumes is easy.  It is only once you start to work with the rambunctuous natural essences that you truly begin to appreciate the ability of natural perfumers to create magic with what I call "linear" oils.  There is nothing spectacular about natural essences and essential oils on their own.  Some even smell ghastly out of bottle.  But there is nothing more practical than natural essences to train you in the art and science of perfume creation.   And their easy availability, compared to the hard to come by synthetic aroma chemicals, some only available to the prestigious perfume houses, makes it easy for the novice to get their "noses" wet in the act of blending and developing techniques.   If you can make something beautiful out of these oils, you are well on your way to creating great perfumes. 

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The California Perfume Company
This is a collectors site that fascinates me because it shows the progression of one of this countries largest and most successful beauty and fragrance products company.   All of their old literature, catalogs, bottles are pictured here.

Article: The Scent of The Nile by Chandler Burr
The inner workings of perfume creation:  Follow
Jean-Claude Ellena as he travels the world to create a perfume for Hermes.

Article:  Perfumery Industry in France
"Perfumes:  A Mainstay of the French Economy"

Beginning Perfumery - Part 1
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